5 Main Design Choices For Online Stores 2016


With the continuing active expansion of the WEB by startupers, private business owners or fully-grown companies, it is not surprising that the conditions the online stores are under in this competition-race, are much tougher today. That’s why it’s very important to be able to stand out among your business rivals.

Year 2016, in fact, continues to evolve the existing design trends from the last year, which were represented in the following design choices:


No matter how amazingly beautiful the interface of your online store is designed, if it is still not easy to use, then it’s wasteful. Getting users’ attention and therefore get the potential customers further from there, is a vital factor for the possible success of your online business. And in 2016, it will be really difficult to keep your such business going, if you ignore the basic principles of the so-called UX design.


If the users who connect the Internet through the mobile devices cannot fully enjoy their staying on your online store’s website, it is recommended for you to reconsider its concept. Today, you are required to provide at least three versions of the template for any type of site, and for the online store in particular: for smartphones, tablets and laptops, or good old desktop PC.

In 2016, Web design developing according to the basic rules of adaptability of sites is mandatory.


This trend, did not back down its positions still. Although this is not always the right fit for the interface of a particular online store, however, due to the absence of unnecessary details, heaps of extra distracting elements, but targeting primary just the needed selling product or service offerings itself, minimalism remains one of the most popular concepts in today’s Web -Design.


This trend will only continue its development, due to its popularization by the world’s leading brands that was happening in the past few years.

Furthermore, when using a flat design, image weigh is smaller and thus the page loading process happens significantly faster.

The peak of the flat design’s popularity will be introduced in the so-called Flat 2.0 – new evolved concept of such design that allows adding some three-dimensional effects to it, for more attractive looks.


Despite the fact that the flat design is now a very popular choice among users, there is also the material design. It is, in fact, a metaphor for the simple flat sheet of paper, but enclosed in a three-dimensional space. Google Company is the founder of this trend, and since the 2014 such design choice takes a well-deserved recognition and acceptance among many not so- and pretty famous Web-platforms, online stores in particular.

So, it turns out that accurate and prudent choice concerning the designing of your site – is often actually your greatest advantage and the true potential in increasing your chances of an actual success of your online-company.

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