Flat Design: Pros And Cons


1. This is the new black
Flat design for about a couple of years is in the first tops of web trends and it seems like it`s not going anywhere from tools of a modern web designer. More and more of both the web design experts in the field of figuration sites, and ordinary people are given positive feedback on the use of minimalist, bright and juicy flat interface.
2. Simplicity
Flat design is characterized by simplicity, minimalistic, and overall visual purity. This design helps users focus on content and not be distracted by the visuals. The same concept applies to mobile application interfaces: clean design with big bright buttons makes the use of mobile devices much nicer and more comfortable.
3. Contrast
Working with colour as one of the main principles – the main “trick” of a flat design. Bright and rich colours look attractive and thus perform the function of attractiveness. The absence of gradients makes the design modern and presentable. Moreover, such a rich colour palette sets the right mood.
In addition to these advantages, in flat design, there is still a number of shortcomings, which due to the overall minimalist concept immediately apparent to the user:
1. Not for everyone
Sometimes the absence of important details or the required visual effects makes the process of creating a friendly user interface more complicated, and this generally maks use of such a design not a very pleasant experience for everyone. Not for all visitors it will seem comfortable, because it can be difficult to find familiar elements on a web page, which, moreover,are also often not interactive.

2. Wrong choice of fonts
The use of unusual or different fonts – another principle of a flat design. However, if the font is selected properly – it will be seen immediately. And then the whole design will no longer look so balanced and stylish.
3. Weak visuals
Limited choice of minimalistic details and palettes can significantly complicate the task in the custom design of your site. But, a little creativity and your website is in a trend, and is more than unique!

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