Landing Page: 5 Tips On How To Make It a Selling One

When it is time to create a website and you decide to stick with a landing page, you’ll need to find some leads to make your page a selling one. Here you can find 5 main tricks that will help you just with that.


 1. Make an offer they couldn’t resist clicking on.

What brings more trust into customer/seller relationship than a free or discount offer on the selling product/services? Often, it is a free 15-20 minutes online or IRL consultations that are related to product or services you’re offering. Most likely to have such propositions on their landing pages are the companies that deal with law and order so to speak. A free consultation almost always leads to the future partnership.

2. Make it eye-catching and sight-holding.

Never underestimate the overall appeal of your landing page. Make sure it is up to modern standards, yet user friendly and is visible. It is better not to consider this point only design-wise, but to remember that the form you want the visitor to fill in or the key quotation button or the basic product/services description should be in the fixed position. It must always be in front of visitor’s eyes therefore make it eye-catching and sight-holding.

3. Make it simple.

The form or finding it within the sections the must be all but complicated. For starters do not make the visitor look for it. Then, it is better to leave in there a username and number/ email fields only. The quicker it is to fill out the form, the better chances are that the visitor does leave you his/her credentials.

 4. Show what you/your product do.

You have 8 seconds to catch the visitor’s attention. And during these 8 seconds you have to drive visitor’s attention to your product and your services. You have to make them ask themselves immediately why you and your product/services? And to do that – show, don’t tell. The video would be a winner in such case as people tend to click on the video button rather than read a paragraph of the text. But remember that if you do put the video on your landing page, it should not be longer than 2 minutes.

5. Make the testing.

Make sure you did your best and test it. For example make a double of your landing page and try playing with different images, texts or visuals and see which one brings more traffic and conversion. Do not neglect the variations that can be your key to success. Just see what happens if you follow some tips to make it easier and then in future maybe you’ll be the one to share with us the new list of landing page hacks.
Landing pages are an excellent ways of selling products/services and bringing attention to your brand. Just do what you think will work best personally for you, however remember some things that might seem apparent yet many beginners make the same mistakes. Learn better and your business will be better as well.

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