SEO-Design: What Influence It Has On Clients’ Potential Actions On Your Website


As we mentioned in the previous article, your website interface, though may not a prior factor, which should be considered when creating any type of the Internet platforms and, in particular – the online stores, but with some “life hacks” you can significantly improve the overall image of your brand in the web space.

It is no secret that people often without actually noticing anything, are easily given away to all sorts of behavioral manipulations. And it is on the right color management strategy, palettes, patterns, adjustments reflecting the latest trends, is based almost one of the basic principles of site’s design in terms of SEO.

Web-designers of the current decade, opt for a bright color palette. Often they do not disdain to mix up a few bright colors at once – which was considered a kind of taboo in the web design not so long time ago.

Playing with monotone color schemes, or contrast; the use and combination of some of the “pluck the eyes” colors and their shades (red, orange, pink, lime green, blue, violet, purple, aquamarine, etc.) – is a key differentiator for many of today’s online stores of any sorts.

Here are some natural associations of the most common and basic colors:

Red: passion, emotion, intensity, danger, aggression. Often used as a background color for such buttons as “Order now” for example.

Orange: warmth, cheerfulness, originality, enthusiasm, availability, ease. According to the research, it is the preferred color for men.

Yellow: fun, brightness, joy and optimism, but also a warning (yellow card). Contrasting color. According to the research, is the preferred color for women.

Green: naturalness, stability, growth. Invigorating color. Often used for product palette for the online stores.

Blue: harmony, rhythm, trust, reliability, spirituality, or even an understated elegance. It Is the ‘business color’. The trend shades are: turquoise, soft blue, “faded” blue, pastel-colored, grayish flow, as well as deep bluish tone.

Purple: power, majesty, inspiration, fantasy, impulsivity, and a dreamy state. In recent years, is almost the most used color on modern websites.

Pink: romance, youth, confidence, sensitivity. Pale pastel, orange and pink shades are often accompanied by minimalist design and bright, juicy pink tones are more appropriate for sites of various fashion-subjects.

Black: classic color, which is combined with all colors described above, however, can sometimes seem bleak, depressive. Very competent and successful is its combination with red and white colors.

So, the correct use of the appropriate color palette adds to the personal design of Your website, creates a certain mood, visually emphasizes the important text and graphic elements. The versatility of the trend allows Web designers to be diverse, original and, at the same time, you can benefit a lot from using such a bold technique of modern Web- coloring.

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