Unique Design – Where To Use And Why Is It Important?



The design of your site – is its “face”, and the embodiment of the products you want to sell out. And how people judge each other by their outfit, the potential customer will primarily evaluate the design of your site, as this is the first thing that catches his eye.  Design plays a pivotal role to entice a potential customer to spend on your site at least 30 seconds and pursue him or her to even stay to further check out the goods, and possibly maybe make the desired order. But often due to omission of web developers or any other reasons this does not happen, and the customer switches to a more appealing and user-friendly web hosting.

Due to the fact that the Internet is full of the websites of different kinds, while we tend to surfing the WEB, the links in the search of any valuable information, needed products or services, we often don’t even remember how this or that site looked likes, because, in fact they are all similar to each other and rarely one stands out. To stand out is the concept of a true Unique design.  The Unique design is needed to allow the user to remember, to identify your brand among others and of course to come back to your particular site just by having visited your home page only once.

The Unique design is developed for each site separately, individually. It is built on the basis of the necessary structure, corporate colors, and the customer’s wishes that, as much as possible are being taken into the account while proceedings. It is done painstakingly with the thorough analysis of all the details, and selection of the unique graphic material. In order to properly “draw” an “eye candy”, it will be necessary to also analyze your business rivals’ websites to figure out your own style and an idea that will cause the user to choose your site.

Only the Unique design is the valuable on the WEB- market, and only this is appreciated by the search engines, as well as ordinary users, i.e your potential customers. In developing the unique design it is important not to overdo it with the many unnecessary details that are overly informative, as well as to exclude the heavy graphics that will slow down your site.

Everything should be beautiful, but at the same time the beauty must not harm the functional component, which is also very important factor for the user.

Navigation design elements, the menu should be:

– Clear;

– Uniform;

– As simple as possible;

– Somewhat familiar to the user;

– Unique.

The Unique design is supposed to provide as well the detailed compilation of the original brand-book of the companies, development of corporate identity and manipulations with the current best modern design solutions. And all of this is offered to the customer in order to better promotion of his or her products, as the Unique design is the half of the success of the turnover of your site, and therefore your brand.

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