WooCommerce Plugin: Why Is It The Best Choice For Your Online Store?


Internet is the main platform to receive, exchange, sell goods and services of an up-to-date person. And today, more than ever, any businessman realizes the importance of his product promotion in this fast, unlimited virtual space.
Once a business solved an issue with a choice of hosting , you face a problem of choosing the right plugin for your web store.
WordPress platform offers a variety of both free and paid-purpose plug-ins to install and configure which are not more difficult than managing WordPress itself. But the number one choice among plug-ins for online stores becomes WooCommerce. The main objective of WooCommerce is to allow you to create free and easy full-line stores that would be simple and straightforward to use and there is no need in external assistance program.

What can explain such popularity of WooCommerce?

Just to list a number of its key features:
Free. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is an absolutely free plugin available for download and installation by anyone who creates his online store.
Reliability. About 30% of all existing online stores are supported by WordPress-WooCommerce «bunch” than can not be boasted by any other platform or the plug, and that makes them the number one choice among the owners and developers of such sites today.


You control all the settings of your e-store such as the external design, adding and removing various extensions (it is the collection of more than 300 at the moment), the choice of payment and shipping methods, ordering of product and service categories and user accounts management.
Security. Your data belong to you, and they can not be blocked, even at the initiative of the provider. WooCommerce is constantly checked by a special team of developers working around the clock to identify and correct any errors found.

All in one.

WooCommerce, created by the team of developers from WooThemes appeared to be not just an ordinary plug-in, but a full-fledged multi-functional application with open source, extensible and adaptable.
With such features as: -Built options for creating product catalogs, coupons and discount-system that “remembers” about their dates and timing of actions, alerts, and newsletters -Built email-templates Use -Simplified management available assortment, product categories, as well as the distribution of goods or services, sorting, you can promote and expand your online store to our desired level.
How high you want to raise your sales and promote your product among potential online customers, depends on your eliminate choice both of “engine” and plug.
Already known bunch of WordPress-WooCommerce may well come for you, since they have these advantages, the main characteristics that are about one and a half years actively used by many businesses in their online stores.

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