Nobody likes to wait. Whether it’s the turn of the coffee or the download page with the desired product. Especially when it’s on the page in the online store.
Competitors appear every day. Commercial niches are overflowing and even the most loyal customers are ready to deviate from shopping in their usual places for fast service.
Time is money. Is the beauty of the site important? Sure! Is it important to equip it with a lot of goodies and useful blocks? Absolutely! But waiting can ruin even your marketer’s most ingenious moves.

Let’s start from the beginning.
Custom themes are always best optimized for speed, if you are in the hands of an experienced web agency. The developer will make sure that the design is consistent to the smallest detail, and the functionality is respected.
Only an integrated approach will allow you to take into account everything to the smallest detail and avoid overloading with additional plugins in the future.
A custom theme is the best option for laying the groundwork for wordpress page speed optimization and SEO.

Any site is not only a picture that we see on the Internet. And not even the content that it transmits. A website is a large system, a skeleton for individual elements with their own task.
It is difficult for an overloaded aircraft to take off. Likewise, a site that contains a heavy, clumsy builder, a huge number of plugins, scripts, media files, server-side complexity and much more will not accelerate to the required Google performance.

Check your page loading speed now. The optimal loading time is 2-3 sec. The ideal user response time is 0.5 sec.
Be sure to check your site with Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix tools. We especially recommend focusing on Google indicators if you are planning further promotion and are working with SEO and advertising campaigns.

It always seems that everything is important and necessary, when it comes to the need to remove the excess. Separate plugin for slider, separate for mailings, and here for comments. And so on more, more and more.
List the plugins you need and try to shorten that too. Find a replacement if the old one “weighs a ton”. Explore analogues that combine more useful options. Get rid of duplicates. How many social media plugins do you already have?

What about wordpress page speed optimization plugins? Installing several at once may not help. It’s not about plugins, but about their configuration and each specific case. So there is no universal pill.

Website cache
Browser caching is an important part. This is the saving on the side of users of “typical” files, such as logos, so as not to download them again the next time they visit the site.
Server-side caching: Keeps a full “static” version of a page on the server so that it does not have to be restored on every visit.
This will make the site much easier for the browser to read.
When you choose to work with a competent and experienced web development company, be sure that they will take care of this moment.

Minimizing and check the site code

A mess can be not only on the table or in the dressing room. Often for the sake of beautiful design, developers resort to a large number of compromise solutions. This greatly affects the quality of the code. In this case, even its quantity is more important. Thousands of lines pull a lot of weight.

With any optimization, code minification is inevitable.
In simple cases, it may be enough to install and configure a suitable plugin, general checks.
It happens that the site is so complex, multi-layered, or just full of individual blocks that it is impossible to achieve success without sensitive manual optimization. In such cases, a specialist personally removes unnecessary, outdated and irrelevant parts of the code from the pages, putting things in order.
Minify some CSS and JS is best left to a web agency.

Start with yourself
Often, speed optimization comes at the end. Oh yeah. Especially when the number of people both in business and in the management of the site is limited, this issue is postponed for later. Why? Because there is always a list of “buts”.
“But we can’t do without this plugin.”
“But competitors already have such a feature, we must not lag behind!”
“But it will be more convenient for the director”
“But we’ve always done it and it worked!”

Don’t be alone with it. Our company is ready to offer you all possible wordpress support and maintenance services.

The world is changing. Be carefull.
Work with custom themes. If there is no opportunity / time, then choose quality themes and builders that do not contain unnecessary content.
Avoid the clutter of scripts.
Forget about unnecessary beauty and disable unnecessary scripts so as not to interfere with the page loading.
Minimize the weight of the pictures.
Get rid of “it is important that the plugin”, you set once at the beginning and did not even tweaking. And much more.

Less is always more!

Let us take your headache away. We will do our best possible and … the impossible too!
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